3rd Annual Ice Wine Festival


Join us for a day-long celebration of all things Ice Wine!

Each January we celebrate our unique ability to grow, harvest & produce one of the rarest products in the wine industry, Ice Wine!

What is Ice Wine?

There are only a few regions in the world with suitable climates for Ice Wine.  The summer must be warm enough for the grapes to fully ripen, and the winter cold enough to allow the grapes to freeze naturally on the vine.  Freezing well below the standard 32º of water due to their 20-25% sugar content, grapes require sustained temperatures between 15º-19º to freeze properly.  After a labor-intensive (and cold!) hand harvest, the grapes must be pressed immediately to ensure they don't thaw out.  With the majority of the water in the grapes frozen during the press, the juice yielded is close to 40% sugar!  This highly viscous, very sweet juice is then fermented to produce the Ice Wine we all know and love.

specialty Ice Wine Festival offerings:
  • 2016 Vidal Ice Wine
  • 2017 Vidal Ice Wine
  • 2018 Estate Ice Wine
  • Entice fortified Ice Wine
  • mulled naughty apple cider
  • Ice Wine paired charcuterie boards
  • Chocolate truffles made with our Entice

specialty Ice Wine Festival activities:
  • Ice Wine vineyard tour at 2pm - dress warmly!
  • Ice Wine production show and tour at 3pm - indoors.
  • Ice sculptures & Entice Luge
  • Outdoor fire pits & S'more kits
  • Explore the Founder's Trail (bring your snowshoes!)

Fire & Ice Wine Dinner

Each year our Ice Wine Festival culminates with a delicious 7-course wine dinner. 

Prepared in tandem by our in-house chef & head winemaker, each course of this beautiful menu is expertly paired with a different wine, featuring multiple ice wines selections.

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