From our vineyard to your home…experience the taste of Northern Michigan with our wines.

Chateau Chantal offers a wide variety of fine wines, from very dry to lightly sweet, grown on our Old Mission Peninsula vineyards in Northern Michigan. We work from a 55 acre vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina where we produce a rich Malbec red wine.  In addition, we have our own still and produce an oak aged grape based brandy and cherry based eau-de-vie. 

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Each of our hand-crafted wines is produced under our winemaker’s meticulous supervision from vineyard to bottle. Our vineyard development in Michigan began in 1983 when sweet and tart cherry orchards were replaced with grafted grape vines of the vinifera species – the same type grown along other parts of the forty-fifth parallel in regions such as Bordeaux, France. Our wines have won several awards, including seven gold medals at the 2014 Taster’s Guild International Wine Competition.

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Winemaker Mark Johnson's Favorite Poem:

Bottle Poetry by Larry Walker

In July the grapes
Are longing for the barrels
That hold this summer

Wine is a product of the earth.  It's a magical way for capturing the sunshine of the summer of 2005 in a bottle.  Wine, more than any other agricultural product, tells the story of a year, and we forget that at our peril.

Sure, it is the great mass of near-industrial wines that keeps the cash flowing, but would that be true if the consumer weren't reaching for something else?  Something that appeals to that human instinct to give meaning to existence?  I would argue that what is in the bottle is important, but beyond that, the idea of what's in the bottle is even more important.

The late and much missed Leon D. Adams, wine historian and ave storyteller, always argued that wine is not about alcohol.  Wine is about telling stories, Leon said.  Wine is about friendship, about love, about passion and desire, not just about the bottom line.

In a marvelous book called Wines and Vineyards of Spain, the great Catalan winemaker Miguel Torres wrote: "Today our society stands more than ever in need of wine: honest, sincere wine, which brings men together...Think of a banquet where the guests hardly glance at the food...they feel uncomfortable and ill-at-ease.  But as the wine works its alchemy, conversation flows, ideas expand, eyes sparkle, friendships flourish.  it is then that man's true nature is revealed.  He is, after all, a sociable being; and to live, he must communicate, know that he is appreciated and feel that he is among friends."

That is what the wine business is about.  When you tend the grapes here in mid-summer, you are creating dreams, just as surely as the poets do.

It's an important job.  Do it well.

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Tasting Room Exclusives

Visit our Wine Shop in our Tasting Room for a chance to take home our Cherry Eau de Vie - This cherry Eau de Vie is distilled from tart Michigan cherries, carefully selected for the delicate cherry flavor. Enjoy as an after dinner drink. Usually served as a digestif (a postprandial alcoholic drink that aids digestion). The typical serving size is 1–2 ounces, owing to the high alcohol content of the spirit and to the fact that it is typically drunk after a meal during which wine, or some other alcoholic beverage, has already been served.

Check with us throughout the year for our special Cerise Noir, a blend of cherry Eau de Vie with one of our Estate red wines to create a port-style dessert wine.  Limited quantities currently available.

Private Label Wines

Personalize your own wine label!  Contact Liz Berger at 1-800-969-4009 ext. 11 to learn more.  Download the order form here with pricing details and expamples of a few of our templates, or visit our online store for ordering.

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